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Acoustic Fabrics and Wall Coverings

Acoustic fabric and wall coverings are ideal for adding an aesthetic acoustic layer to larger surface areas, such as entire walls. Acoustic fabrics help reduce reverberation to create more comfortable environments, they look great too!

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Acoustic wall coverings and acoustic fabric

Acoustic Fabric & Wallpaper

Acoustic fabrics are a great choice for covering larger walls or even interior pillars with an aesthetic and acoustically effective solution. Ideal for offices, classrooms, studios and more, this fabric can easily be made to cover entire surfaces, reducing any reverberation, and creating a more acoustically comfortable environment.

With various colours available, truly stunning wall installations can be created. In this section you’ll also find innovative acoustic wallpaper, which can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces. These wallpaper tiles can be easily fixed to any wall, creating an acoustic surface to reduce reverberation and propagation of sound in a stylish and attractive way. Please contact us if you have any questions about the products in this section.

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