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Snowsound offer a wide variety of acoustic solutions, from acoustic ceiling tiles to acoustic panels. With products available in several shapes, sizes and colours, there’s always an option to suit your space.

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Snowsound is an American based company, designing and engineering the most comfortable acoustic experiences. Snowsound’s acoustic products are as functional as they are beautiful, elevating the design of any space they are installed into. Their award-winning acoustic solutions help achieve ideal sound absorption, protecting against unwanted reverberations to create superlative acoustic experiences.

We’re proud to be able to supply a range of Snowsound’s best products such as their acoustic screens, freestanding acoustic panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, and more. Their products are available in several colours and sizes so they can always work with the environment already in place.

If you can't find the product you are looking for or simply want to learn more about our Snowsound products, feel free to contact a member of the Muffle team!


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